Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bexley man guilty of starving and neglecting his dog

A man appeared in Kogarah Local Court this week to plead guilty to two charges of animal cruelty against a male Border Collie: failure to provide proper and sufficient food, and failure to provide vet treatment for fleas. 

In June this year an RSPCA Inspector attended the local pound in Carlton following a complaint about a stray dog that had come into their care. 

Upon arrival the Inspector found a male Border Collie in a holding pen in poor body condition, with his ribs, hips and spine easily felt under its coat. There were also signs of flea burden and the animal’s ears were scabby and had been eaten away. 

The dog was immediately seized to be examined by a vet. The vet found the dog was emaciated, weighing 13.1 kg and given a score of 5/5 on the Tufts Animal Care and Condition scale (1 being an ideal condition and 5 the worst). The vet estimated the dog’s ideal weight would be around 18 kilograms. 

The dog was also filthy with an extremely heavy flea infestation and signs of significant anaemia. The examination also revealed evidence of active and chronic fly bite dermatitis on both ear flaps.

The dog was chipped and the RSPCA Inspector and spoke to the owner, who said that the dog had not seen a vet in around four years. 

After a month in RSPCA's care, the Border Collie weighed in at 16.8 kg, an increase of 28 per cent. 

The man was convicted, fined $100 for each charge, ordered to pay vet and boarding costs of $2639.30, and custody of the dog was awarded to the RSPCA. 

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