Friday, September 12, 2014

Breeder sentenced for animal cruelty

A Teridgerie man appeared in Dubbo Local Court this week and pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty against 91 dogs. He was convicted, fined $400, placed on a 12 month Good Behaviour Bond, and banned from owning more than 20 adult dogs and 10 puppies for two years.

In mid-2012 an RSPCA Inspector visited a property in Teridgerie via Baradine NSW, following a complaint.

The Inspector, with the defendant, witnessed over 40 Bull Arab dogs, most running free around the property. Several dogs were seen carrying injuries and some were in a poor body condition. The Inspector said he would return when the dogs were in their enclosures after a number of fights broke out amongst the animals.

When the Inspector returned with four other Inspectors, an RSPCA vet, police and Council Rangers, the defendant received a formal caution. The RSPCA vet found that all 91 dogs needed in urgent need of veterinary treatment for hookworm, and the flea burden found on the majority of the dogs showed a significantly contaminated environment and a lack of adequate prevention. Six dogs were found to have a body score of 4 (very underweight).

12 dogs required vet treatment for a range of injuries including four who needed tail amputations, others who were suffering puncture wounds to their body, swollen limbs, eyelids with ulcerated skin and other ulcerated wounds.The vet also noted the animals could not be adequately cared for and supervised under the circumstances they were in and the failure to provide vet treatment to 12 dogs resulted in unnecessary pain and suffering.

Only two dogs were immediately surrendered.

All Charges Made Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

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