Monday, September 1, 2014

RSPCA NSW Blue Mountains Shelter to stay open

After lengthy consultations with a wide group of community stakeholders and with the backing of the RSPCA NSW Blue Mountains Volunteer Branch and the Blue Mountains working party, RSPCA NSW can announce that a plan has been put in place to ensure the RSPCA Shelter located at Mort St, Katoomba will stay open.

“The decision to close the shelter was a difficult one but the wave of support for this shelter has been overwhelming. With committed community involvement, we believe we have found a way to maintain vital services without having to close our doors,” said RSPCA NSW CEO, Steve Coleman.

Mr Coleman continued by saying that he welcomed the robust conversations that he’d had with the passionate supporters of the shelter. “We listened to what the people of the Blue Mountains had to say,” said Coleman. “I am happy to say that we were able to find a way of keeping the shelter operational.”

The shelter will continue to support the Blue Mountains community with surrenders, adoptions, injured strays, pet advice and education. RSPCA NSW will not tender for the local council pound contract but the organisation is in continued discussions with the council to assist with the gap in service to the Upper Blue Mountains. Shelter hours may be scaled back to accommodate a smaller paid workforce.

To sustain the shelter long term, RSPCA NSW is asking the community to harness the passion they felt when the shelter was under threat of closure to help keep the shelter operational in the longer term.

“RSPCA NSW is a support-driven organisation,” said Mr Coleman. “Without our financial supporters and our tireless volunteers, we would not exist. We have listened to them in making the decision to keep the shelter operational and I hope that they will now back this venture by committing their donations and/or time to help us keep the doors open.

“The Blue Mountains RSPCA Volunteer Branch, who also chair the Blue Mountains working party, has played a vital role in the ongoing discussion surrounding the region’s shelter and is to be applauded for their efforts in facilitating discussions,” Mr Coleman concluded.

The working party will continue to further develop and refine plans, and seek ideas, positive suggestions and offers of help. The contact details are 0409 802 627,, and PO Box 133 Wentworth Falls NSW 2782.

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