Thursday, September 18, 2014

RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter bulging with birds

Spring has sprung and the birds are singing, especially at RSPCA NSW’s Sydney Shelter at Yagoona. Following the seizure of more than 140 animals recently, the RSPCA is looking for suitable homes for a variety of birds. Currently available for adoption are:
·         19 Budgies
·         two Quails
·         five Ringnecks
·         one Conure
·         four Galahs
·         four Corellas
·         three Peachfaces
·         four Lorikeets
·         and one Sulpher Crested Cockatoo
Our rescue partners have helped to rehome many of the birds and animals over the past few weeks, including 60 pigeons, however the RSPCA is hoping there are also lots of individuals out there who would like a new feathered friend.
“We would prefer that the birds be housed in free-flight aviaries, or for the budgies, at least a large cage.  Most of the birds are adult, although we do have a few juveniles that could be hand-trained,” Sydney Shelter Supervisor Bree Raeck said.
“Generally these types of birds are adopted quite quickly, so we encourage anyone interested to come in very soon.”

For more information about the birds go to or visit the RSPCA Sydney Shelter at 201 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona.

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