Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Thank you to our Million Paws Walk Volunteers

At RSPCA NSW, a fair percentage of our staff work hands-on with the animals that need our care. Naturally, those animals are our priority, so when it comes to other aspects of our work, human resources can be pretty lean at times!

That's why our volunteers are so important. When we have major events such as Million Paws Walk, these amazing people are an integral component of the day's success.

Recently we held a Thank You Day for our Million Paws Walk volunteers to celebrate all the hard work they put in on the day, such as helping with registration and entry, providing water for your four-legged friends, and generally ensuring you and your dog had a great day out.

Here are just a few of the wonderful people who give their time and energy to support our efforts to stop animal cruelty and give animals a second chance. They, and hundreds more just like them who volunteer in all aspects of the organisation, deserve a huge thanks from all of us, on behalf of animals everywhere.

Perhaps you'd like help out too? It doesn't have to be at an event (although they can be lots of fun). Whatever skill you have, you'll be welcome as a volunteer at RSPCA NSW. You might be happy to clean out animal cages, walk dogs, cuddle cats, stuff envelopes, take photos.....the list is endless.

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