Monday, September 8, 2014

We're not kidding: these guys are cute!

RSPCA NSW is calling on those with a back yard and a passion for quirky pets to come on down to the Sydney Shelter in Yagoona to meet some of our adorable baby goats.

Since Dora (the pregnant goat who was shot with an arrow in Weatherill Park in July) gave birth to two beautiful boys, another three have come the RSPCA’s way, all in need of a home.

There is even a lamb up for adoption; it’s a regular farmyard at the Sydney Shelter!

 “Caring for goats is relatively easy, as long as you have the right set up,” said RSPCA NSW Vet Dr Guy Weerasinghe.

“It is essential their future homes are well fenced because goats truly are Houdinis with horns and will roam,” he added.

Caring for goats isn’t all that tricky either. Dr Weerasinghe noted they don't need a large property, but adequate feed and grazing land and trees are important to ensure they have enough to suit their curiosity and hunger.

These baaaa-utiful boys cost just $55 to adopt and come desexed, tagged and vaccinated. Anyone interested in adopting are welcome to come for a meet and greet at the Yagoona shelter.

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