Friday, October 31, 2014

Dog left with weeping tumours, man banned from owning animals for 10 years

On 23rd April 2014, an RSPCA Inspector attended a property in southwest Sydney in response to a complaint about a dog suffering from a number of wounds on its body.

The Inspector saw a white Bull Terrier lying in the back yard with a number of open wounds observed on its abdomen. No one was home and the dog appeared unresponsive.

Police attended the property and assisted with the seizure of the dog, the dog was transported to the RSPCA Sydney Shelter by the Inspector for veterinary examination.

The RSPCA vet found the dog was very underweight. The dog was given a body condition score of four out of five, where one is ideal body condition and five is emaciated.

There was discharge from both eyes which appeared reddened, as well as discharge from both ears. There were also multiple ulcerative lumps haemorraging puss on the dog’s abdomen and groin area.

The dog was diagonsed with mild blood loss anaemia  and  she  had  evidence  of  severe  chronic  inflammation  and infection.

On the 24th of April 2014 two RSPCA Inspectors met with the dog's owner for a formal interview at his home. The man stated he owned the dog for around eight years. He said he’d known about Jezz’s tumors for over a year, and despite knowing she needed vet treatment failed to do so as he couldn't afford it.

The man told the Inspectors he tried to treat Jezz’s wounds himself using antiseptic and dressings. He also expressed some remorse for the way in which he had allowed his dog to suffer.

The vet found that failure to provide necessary and timely veterinary treatment for the dog resulted in unnecessary pain, suffering and discomfort.

As a result of the animal having such a severe and chronic progression of the disease, it was deemed cruel to keep her alive and she was subsequently humanely euthanised.

The owner appeared in Campbelltown Local Court on 28th October 2014 and pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty, one charge to commit an act of aggravated cruelty and one failure to provide vet treatment for tumours, against a female Bull Terrier.

The man was put on a ten year prohibition order, an 18 months good behaviour bond, fined $4,000 and $675 in professional fees.

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