Friday, November 21, 2014

Santa Paws is coming to town

Sometimes they may be a little naughty but usually they’re nice, and every pet deserves a photo with Santa this year! Animals are part of the family, and RSPCA NSW is again making them part of annual Christmas photos with Santa Paws.

All pets great and small are invited to come along and have their photo taken with Santa himself. Family and friends are also welcome to star in the holiday snap.

Regardless of what kind of pet people bring on the day, all animals must be contained: dogs must be on leads; cats, pocket pets (rabbits and guinea pigs) and reptiles must be in carriers.

The best thing of all is that proceeds come directly to our local RSPCA and continue helping animals in our community.

If you and your pet would like a photo with Santa this year, check out the dates below:





Do I need to book?
Hunter Shelter 29/11, 30/11
9am to 4pm
Hunter Shelter, Burlington Place, Rutherford From $7 Yes – 4939 1555
Dog Overboard (Hunter Shelter) 22/11, 6/12
9am to 4pm
Dog Overboard, Adamstown From $7 Yes – 4939 1555
Illawarra Shelter 29/11, 7/12, 13/12, 14/12 54 Industrial Road, Unanderra From $15 Yes - 4271 3410
Tuggerah Care Centre 29/11 and 6/12 Tuggerah Care Centre From $15 No
Rouse Hill Care Centre 29/11, 30/11, 6/12, 7/12 Rouse Hill Town Centre From $15 No

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bring your dog and enjoy Nowra’s RSPCA Puppy Dogs Picnic

It’s time to treat your dog to a day out and support the RSPCA with the RSPCA Nowra Volunteer Branch’s Puppy Dogs Picnic!

The day is about celebrating everything canine; including doggy competitions, demonstrations from the Shoalhaven Dog Training club and a few RSPCA dogs out and about to say hello. There’ll be plenty for the kids too, with face painting and opportunities to learn more about the RSPCA.

Picnic entry is by gold coin donation, with all money raised going to the Nowra RSPCA Volunteer Branch.

“The support of the community is vital for us to continue operating in the Shoalhaven area. In the last few years we’ve spent $50,000 on desexing local animals and over $10,000 on treats for the Shoalhaven Shelter, cat beds and other vital equipment,” said Nowra RSPCA Branch Spokesperson Gail Bishop.

What: RSPCA Nowra volunteer Branch Puppy Dogs Picnic
Where: Harry Sawkins Park, Nowra
When: Sunday 30th November 2014 - 10am- 2pm

Monday, November 10, 2014

RSPCA NSW rolls into Condobolin - Regional desexing, microchipping and vaccination program

In a bid to reduce the number of unwanted companion animals in the region and improve their overall health, RSPCA NSW is ready to desex, vaccinate and microchip as many as 80 animals in the Condobolin area over the next three days.

“This program is important as it offers services to pensioners and low income earners, those who wouldn’t usually be able to access veterinary care,” said RSPCA NSW Community Outreach Programs veterinarian Dr Ann-Margret Withers.

The program is funded by Lachlan Shire Council and organised by local ranger Willy Cunningham. “Since this program began four years ago, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of dogs dying from the deadly Parvo and less puppies and kittens being abandoned,” said Mr Cunningham.

“Parvovirus is 100% preventable with an appropriate course of vaccinations.” said Dr Withers. “The virus is especially active in the warmer months, and is rampant in this area over summer.  Untreated, it’s a terrible way to die, causing extreme pain and dying a slow death– puppies are more likely to be infected with the virus than adult dogs. We are lucky to have to have the ongoing support of MSD in providing us with highly effective Parvo vaccines to use and contributing to the ongoing success of our community programs” Dr Withers concluded.

The Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS) has been an initiative of RSPCA NSW in regional NSW for the past 11 years to help reduce the number unwanted animals ending up in pounds. Already this year CAWS has reached Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Bathurst and Bowraville.

For any locals interested in having their animals desexed contact Willy Cunningham on 0427 952 547.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Top five tips for an amazing weekend with your dog

Looking for activities and adventures for you and your canine friend?

Your dog has been patiently waiting for the two glorious days that they get to spend time with you, so why not jump off that couch and go on a weekend adventure with your favourite four-legger.

Here are our top five weekend tips that you and your dog are sure to enjoy:

  1. Head to your local dog park or beach

    If your dog loves to socialise with others, head to your local dog park or dog beach. Most dogs are very social animals and love interacting with other dogs. They are a pack animal at heart and thrive on plenty of company whether it be a furry brother or sister or a friend at the local dog park. If it’s warm, remember to bring a dog bowl and water in case there aren't any available in the area, and don’t forget those poo bags!

    Find your local dog park or beach here: 

  2. Go on a weekend holiday with your pooch

    Across the state there are plenty of hotels, motels and holiday houses that you and your dog can escape to. Think of the glorious new smells, new bushes to pee on and new paths to walk on.

    There are a few things to consider before packing your bag and dog into the car, so check out this website before you get started: 
  3. Get pampered!

    It’s going to be a warm weekend and nothing feels better than soapy cool bath water and a fluffy clean coat. You can head out to your local Petbarn DIY Dog Wash for a safe, relaxed and friendly dog wash. Best of all, you don’t need an appointment AND you can grab a dog treat for the ride home for being such a good boy. Want something a little fancier? You can book an appointment with one of our Groomers at our Care Centres in Rouse Hill and Tuggerah.

    Your pooch will be looking fabulous in no time: 
  4. Learn a thing or two

    Not up for an adventure outside of the house? Why not spend some time with your furry friend in the backyard and learn a few new manners. Our resident dog trainer Tanya has a few handy tips to help train your dog using positive reinforcement. Together you and your dog can learn commands like come, wait, sit, drop and more.

    Check out the series and start learning:
  5. Find a new friend

    Don’t have a furry mate to spend the weekend with or thinking of adding another? There are plenty of dogs, cats and other animals looking for people just like you! They love walking, learning, adventuring or just chilling on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Visit a shelter this weekend and adopt a friend for life: 

Monday, November 3, 2014

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES: Sydney teen convicted of two counts of animal cruelty

(Picture left 15/10/14 23.5kg) (Picture right 29/10/14 10% body gain in RSPCA care)

After receiving a complaint, an RSPCA Inspector attended a home in Minto, on 15th July 2014.

After having no response from knocking on the front door, RSPCA proceeded to the rear of the property. The Inspector immediately spotted a brindle and white Mastiff crossbreed dog in very poor body condition with all hip, pin, rib and spine bones clearly visible.

The Inspector then spoke with the resident, who explained the dog was her son’s, as she already had a prohibition order issued from the courts.

RSPCA NSW seized the dog, leaving details for the son to make contact as soon as possible.

RSPCA veterinarians found the dog weighted 23.5 kilograms, with his ideal body weight 35 kilograms. There was no discernible body fat, an obvious loss of muscle mass, severe abdominal tuck and an extreme hourglass shape to his body. On the Tufts animal care and condition scale, where score 1 is ideal and 5 is emaciated — this dog was given a score of 5.

The vet also noted the dog had chronic regenerative anaemia, most likely due to the heavy flea burden.

After less than two weeks in RSPCA’s care, the dog weighed 25.6kgs, a gain of almost 10%.

The day after the animal was seized, the Minto teenanger called the RSPCA stating he was the dog’s owner and responsible for its daily care. He accepted the option to surrender the animal to the RSPCA.

During an interview with RSPCA Inspectors, the owner said he owned the dog for around eight months and had been feeding it two tins of food and kibble each day. However, he noticed the dog losing weight over a period of at least two months. He said the dog had not been to a veterinarian at any time in the eight months he had the dog.

The 19-year-old teenager appeared in Campbelltown Local Court on 28th October 2014 and pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty against a male Mastiff crossbreed dog. One charge of failure to provide proper and sufficient foor, and one charge of failure to provide vet treatment - very poor body condition, fleas and anaemia.

The teenager was fined $1,500, ordered to pay RSPCA NSW $480.34 for caring for his dog and banned from owning animals for two years.

All charges are under NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Regulation