Monday, November 10, 2014

RSPCA NSW rolls into Condobolin - Regional desexing, microchipping and vaccination program

In a bid to reduce the number of unwanted companion animals in the region and improve their overall health, RSPCA NSW is ready to desex, vaccinate and microchip as many as 80 animals in the Condobolin area over the next three days.

“This program is important as it offers services to pensioners and low income earners, those who wouldn’t usually be able to access veterinary care,” said RSPCA NSW Community Outreach Programs veterinarian Dr Ann-Margret Withers.

The program is funded by Lachlan Shire Council and organised by local ranger Willy Cunningham. “Since this program began four years ago, we’ve seen a decrease in the number of dogs dying from the deadly Parvo and less puppies and kittens being abandoned,” said Mr Cunningham.

“Parvovirus is 100% preventable with an appropriate course of vaccinations.” said Dr Withers. “The virus is especially active in the warmer months, and is rampant in this area over summer.  Untreated, it’s a terrible way to die, causing extreme pain and dying a slow death– puppies are more likely to be infected with the virus than adult dogs. We are lucky to have to have the ongoing support of MSD in providing us with highly effective Parvo vaccines to use and contributing to the ongoing success of our community programs” Dr Withers concluded.

The Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS) has been an initiative of RSPCA NSW in regional NSW for the past 11 years to help reduce the number unwanted animals ending up in pounds. Already this year CAWS has reached Walgett, Lightning Ridge, Bathurst and Bowraville.

For any locals interested in having their animals desexed contact Willy Cunningham on 0427 952 547.

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