Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dogs and decibels don't mix!

Simple steps to keep pets safe during fireworks

RSPCA NSW is reminding animal owners to keep their pets safe during New Year’s Eve fireworks tomorrow night.

On average, fireworks explode at a staggering 145-150 decibels. But for animals such as dogs, who have hearing ten times as sensitive as humans, these explosions can be terrifying and distressing.

Many animals fear fireworks and they often injure themselves trying to escape the noise. In a frantic bid to flee, dogs can jump or dig under fences finding their way onto dangerous and busy roads. The RSPCA urges pet owners to ensure their pet has a microchip and an ID tag and that their details are updated.

If possible, stay home with your pet and provide them with a comfortable environment and keep them engaged.  If you can’t be home, make sure your pets are safe, secure and comfortable; bring them indoors if possible.

RSPCA NSW has six simple steps to minimise fireworks stress in pets:
  • Ensure your pets are exercised and well-fed before fireworks start.
  • Keep your animals indoors where they are safe and comfortable.
  • Leave the TV or radio on to mask the sound of fireworks.
  • Remove any nearby objects that might cause injury to a panicking animal.
  • If your pet is particularly prone to fireworks panic, stay home with them.
  • For some animals a visit to the vet is required before the fireworks season begins as there are medications that can help.

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