Friday, December 12, 2014

Puppy farmer banned from owning animals, fined for animal cruelty

A man has appeared in Coffs Harbour Local Court on 5 December 2014 and pleaded guilty to seven charges of animal cruelty against four horses and 37 dogs in his care.

Three separate matters were heard simultaneously, including one which saw three litters of puppies immediately seized by RSPCA Inspectors.

The 11 pups were found huddled on wet concrete floors with no food, bedding, access to water or natural light. All were suffering health problems.

The two other matters related to four horses, resulting in charges of failing to provide enough food and not providing vet treatment.

  • Fail to provide veterinary treatment for parasites and poor body condition for a male Border Collie dog (one charge)
  • Fail to provide proper and sufficient food to a Grey Mare and Palomino Mare (one charge)
  • Fail to provide veterinary treatment for parasites in four horses (one charge)
  • Fail to provide veterinary treatment to 22 dogs (one charge)
  • Fail to provide veterinary treatment for flea infestation in 37 dogs, internal parasites in six dogs and ticks found on two puppies (one charge)
  • Fail to provide veterinary treatment for internal parasites in 11 dogs and one dog’s injured tail (one charge)

Key Facts 
Matter #1
RSPCA Inspectors and NSW Police attended the man’s property on 19 February 2014, over ongoing animal welfare issues with dogs and horses at the property.
RSPCA Inspectors told the man they would be examining his animals’ health and welfare, after he failed to comply with previous written directions.
Inspectors saw numerous horses in poor body condition around the property. Three horses and two foals were examined by the District Veterinarian, who found the animals to be in very poor body condition.
Two emaciated mares and their foals were seized by RSPCA Inspectors and taken to a private holding facility for further examination and rehabilitation. Further tests showed the mares had massive parasite burden.
The veterinarian again examined the horses on 3 April 2014, and noted they had shown a marked improvement in body condition. The vet stated there was a failure to provide adequate nutrition and parasite control at the property in all examined animals.
Matter #2
On 20 February 2014, RSPCA Inspectors again visited the property along with an RSPCA Veterinarian. Together, they captured and examined 37 dogs housed at the property. The vet noted at least 23 dogs were in poor condition and that all of the dogs were suffering from a heavy flea burden.
Inspectors seized 12 dogs due to serious medical issues and took them to the RSPCA Coffs Harbour Shelter for further examination and treatments.
The veterinarian found there was a failure to provide adequate nutrition and veterinary treatment for medical problems in at least 23 of the dogs examined.

Matter #3
On 30 July 2014, RSPCA Inspectors and NSW Police again attended the same property over ongoing animal welfare issues concerning dogs.
The man was told by Inspectors there had been reports of ongoing indiscriminate breeding of puppies and failure to provide veterinary care to sick animals. He was uncooperative and refused to answer the RSPCA Inspector’s questions.
Inspectors then found two terrier crossbreed puppies huddled in a corner of a tractor shed. They were on cold, wet concrete with no food, water, bedding or natural light. One of the pups had an injured tail, with a piece of bone apparently visible. Both puppies were bloated, indicating worm burden. They also had extreme flea infestations and appeared anaemic upon examination. Both pups were immediately seized by RSPCA Inspectors.
In an old dairy shed, five Border Collie crossbreed pups were found locked in a small room with no natural light, living under a disused milk vat on cold wet concrete. These puppies had no food, water or bedding and had large infestations of fleas and ticks. The pups were bloated and wormy with dull coats. These puppies were also seized by Inspectors.
Police and RSPCA officers then located a third litter of four Border Collie crossbreed puppies at the back of the house. These four pups also appeared wormy, with bloated stomachs and dull coats, they also had flea and tick infestations. They were also seized by RSPCA Inspectors.
The 11 puppies were taken to a local veterinary clinic. The vet noted the pup with the injured tail needed antibiotics and ongoing care. All 11 puppies were found to have a flea and tick burden.
Lab results confirmed all puppies had large internal parasite burdens which contributed to their poor health.

  • Costs: $21,313.39
  • Ordered to surrender all companion animals with the exception of two desexed dogs
  • Prohibited from owning more than two desexed dogs or other animals for five years
  • 18 month good behaviour bond

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