Thursday, December 18, 2014

WANTED: Guardian Angels

RSPCA Guardian Angels help give shelter animals a Merry Christmas

RSPCA NSW is bracing for the seemingly inevitable spike in animal numbers this holiday season, with around 13,000 new animals set to call RSPCA shelters home.

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman says the numbers are astounding, “last year, another 5,700 cats were added to the 720 already in the RSPCA’s care and room was found for 3,110 dogs as well as the 665 already in shelters across the state”.

Each of these animals come with their own story of neglect, cruelty or abandonment but all need shelter, care, rehabilitation and love.

One of the many animals that came into the RSPCA’s care was Ollie. He came in as a stray puppy with a severe skin condition that left him hairless and covered in raw, red welts.  After five months of intensive treatment, he became a different dog: his red, angry skin replaced by a shiny blue staffy coat, and everyone was so excited when Ollie was adopted by a loving family committed to his ongoing care.

“Ollie’s transformation was amazing,” said Mr Coleman. “He responded to treatment so well, and was virtually unrecognisable.”

“Ollie’s story wouldn’t be possible, without the ongoing and generous support of the community. It costs RSPCA NSW $43.3M a year to operate, with less than 1% coming from the state government.” said Mr Coleman.

This year, around 13,000 homeless animals will spend their Christmas at RSPCA Shelters. To help continue to help the animals, please become an RSPCA Guardian Angel this Christmas:

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