Monday, January 5, 2015

Avoid dog attacks: Learn body language

RSPCA NSW School Holiday Program teaches body language  

As school holidays approach RSPCA NSW is imploring parents to talk to their children about safety around dogs. The majority of dog attack victims are children, and with more kids out and about over the summer the risk increases.

“Any dog can become reactive to a situation, and the outcome can be tragic,” said Matt French, RSPCA NSW Community Development Manager. “The key thing is for children to learn to recognise the warning signs and act appropriately.”

Educating children in dog behaviour and bite prevention is one of the key messages in RSPCA NSW’s School Holiday Program. It’s one of a number of animal issues to be addressed, with five different sessions on offer.

“Ways to keep dogs happy and mentally engaged in their backyard is another focal point, as it’s the best way to lessen nuisance barking as well as reduce escaping and destructive behaviours,” Mr French said.

It’s not all about dogs though; children will also learn about cats, birds, pocket pets (like rabbits and guinea pigs) and some livestock.

“We’ll cover how your cat can live longer by staying indoors and the lifelong benefits of mental stimulation. We’ll learn how to search your dog for ticks ways to keep them cool over the hot summer,” Mr French concluded.

The sessions are for children aged between 8 and 17, with half and whole day options available. For more information visit our website.

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