Friday, January 2, 2015

Seven New Year Resolution Ideas for your Pet

May 2015 be a great year for your pet

Whilst most of us are busy making resolutions to kick off 2015, have you thought about making 2015 the best for your pet too? Make the New Year the best year for your pet by making resolutions to make them healthier and happier in 2015.

How to make 2015 better for your pet

  • Fitness: If you are planning to lose weight this year, why not include your pet too! Extra weight on your pet can lead to problems such as joint issues and heart disease. Why not take your dog for regular walks, or perhaps a swim - It not only keeps their body fit but also keeps their mind relaxed too!
  • Mental stimulation: Games or toys that ensure some mental work from your pet will benefit their overall health and prevent boredom. Ask your vet about suitable toys that are best suited to develop and engage your pet’s mind. Exercise wheels are a great option for pet mice, and cats love to chase and interact with their toys. 
  • Medical check list: Make a check list for your pet’s annual check-up – including when they are due for worming and vaccinations, and mark it on the calendar! If you have not planned desexing your cat or dog, then doing it this year will help keep your pet healthy. Desexing your pet reduces the chances of cancers and prostrate diseases. It also reduces the problems of urine marking, roaming around and excessive barking and mewing tendencies in dogs and cats.

  • Diet: Ask your vet about changing your pet’s food habits. You can go slowly on introducing new items into their meals - but cutting down on table scraps, sweets and other weight gaining items should be done immediately. Giving solid food can help prevent plaque that otherwise may be formed with wet food. Your rabbit or guinea pig will love darker, leafy vegetables added to their diet.
    RSPCA NSW Vet Hospitals recommend HIll's Science Diet for dogs and cats.

  • Behaviour: Some of your pet’s behavioural problems like urinating in the house or anti-social behaviour are always a cause of concern. This year, consider getting advice from an RSPCA Vet Hospital or a professional trainer to help overcome some of those undesired behaviours.
  • Quality time: Nothing compares to the love and devotion you can experience with your pet! This year, aim to spend more quality time with your pet. They’ll thank you for it!
  • Check those details: The New Year provides a perfect opportunity to check your pet’s details! If you have changed your contact details, make sure you update your pet’s microchip and registrations details. It will be the best way to reunite you with your pet should they become lost!
All this plus lots of love and care are enough to make your pet healthier and happier in 2015.

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