Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Luck of the Irish Wolfhound

St Patricks' Day is an Irish cultural and religious celebration held annually on the 17th March. Although originating in Ireland, it has since become recognized world-wide, with many people embracing the event by wearing green and decorating with shamrocks.

In celebration of St Patrick's Day, RSPCA NSW is highlighting our current Irish Wolfhounds, and why they make such great pets!

The Irish Wolfhound is of ancient origins and in Ireland, these dogs were favoured by Irish Chiefs for hunting wolves and Irish elk. Irish Wolfhounds are known to be big-hearted, gentle, and sensitive creatures, but their size is an important consideration, in fact Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest breed of dog!

Like all sighthounds, the Irish Wolfhound is known to love chasing and running, but they are generally model citizens with other dogs, pets and children. Their great size can be intimidating, but due to their gentle nature, are generally not known to be good guard dogs.

RSPCA NSW has six Irish Wolfhound crosses in care which are currently looking for their new home. Click on their profiles below:

You can view all of our animals available for adoption at

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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